Donate one ecologically sound cash tree for poverty-stricken area of Western China.

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 Project area

Brief account of project area (Guangxi)

Jinxiu County is located in middle-eastern part of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region (map) , with geographic position of north latitude 23¡ã40£§- 24¡ã28£§and east longitude 109¡ã50£§- 110¡ã27£§. The east of Jinxiu County is contiguous with Mengshan County and Pingnan County. Its north is contiguous with Lipu County and its west neighbors Xiangzhou County and Luzhai County, and its south is adjacent to Guiping City and Wuxuan County. Jinxiu County has jurisdiction over 3 towns, 7 townships, 77 Villagers' committees, 4 Communities, 678 Natural villages, 1149 Villagers¡¯ groups, 2 state-owned forest farms, and 1 National Nature Reserve. Total population of the county amounts to 153,000 people. Jinxiu is one of the counties which has most concentrated Yao ethnic people and has highest number of Yao ethnic branches all over the world.


Jinxiu County is featured by rich forest resources. We can conclude that Jinxiu is a most important natural botanic garden in Guangxi, and one of rare species gene pools in China. Moreover, Jinxiu is a biggest water conservation forest nature reserve in Guangxi, and it is appraised as ¡°Natural green water reservoir¡±.


Description of tree species
Rocky tea (Adinandra nitida) is a species of genus of Adinandra, which grows as tree or shrub. For reason of growing on rocky cliffs this species is named ¡°rocky tea.¡± The bud leaf is fat and thick, and its infusion is bright and brilliant. Wild rocky tea is of high value, because it grows on rocky mountain with short sunshine duration and large temperature difference between day and night. Local people say that wild rocky tea absorbs heaven and earth aura and essence of sun and moon. The extremely specific environment makes rocky tea a unique natural beverage. In ancient time people trained monkey for leaves collection. The infusion made by the rocky tea leaves collected by monkey were of highest value with a name of ¡°Fairy Tea¡± and ¡°Monkey Tea.¡±The analysis shows that rocky tea has no content of caffeine; therefore drinking it does not affect sleep. Moreover, rocky tea is good for human health, because it contains flavonoids. Establishment of large scale rocky tea plantation provides to local farmers important income in favor of stable and sustainable economic development.


Participation ways
Donate RMB 10 Yuan for planting 1 rocky tea tree in poverty-stricken area of Guangxi.
Donate RMB 70000 Yuan to establish a network-named theme forest for one year

The donated tree is always planted on barren hills in spring by poverty-stricken households in project area (Jinxiu County of Guangxi Region). All maintenance operations are performed by those households who planted.



China Green Foundation
Address: 18 Hepingli Dongjie Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing
Room 238 of Building No.3 within courtyard of the State Forestry Administration (Postal code 100714)
Telephone: 010-84238200, 84239246(FAX)
Bank: Hepingli Branch of Bank of Beijing
Name of account: China Green Foundation
Account No: 010903537001201052254£­16


First phase plan
During 3 years starting from 2012 due to financial aid total of 3000 poverty-stricken households of Jinxiu County of Laibin City, Guangxi Region will have benefits. It is planned that each household will plant 1000 rocky tea trees. After 3 years each household may have additional income of RMB 30000 Yuan from harvest of rocky tea leaves and underwood farming.

 Map of project area

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